The passing of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy had a major impact on the hip-hop community, mainly because it was unexpected, and since his untimely passing, the rapper has been immortalized via a mural located on 13th Street and 40th Avenue in Queens, New York.

However, through an act of cruelty, the mural was defaced with white paint less than 24 hours after it was put up, according to reports. After being repaired, the mural created by artists Jeff Henriquez and Eli Lazare was vandalized for the second time, and this time it was hit with red paint by an unknown assailant. According to a statement given to DNAInfo, both Lazare and Henriquez began the project as a form of “love and respect” to the rapper and his impact on the culture. Henriquez said, “his deep and meaningful lyrics inspired and influenced many young rappers and followers.”

Because of the second wave of vandalized committed against the mural, the dedication to Prodigy is now being taken down. A video of the mural being covered with black paint was posted via Twitter.