The male romper has been one of the most talked about fashion trends in the last week, and now Young Dro is under fire for wearing what appears to be a male romper. However, the rapper has fired back saying that he wasn't in a romper. A picture surfaced of the rapper in a light blue outfit that looked tropical, and also looked as if it was all connected like a romper. Fans and social media users began to comment, with some making fun of the rapper, which led him to give a long response. Dro said "I don't know what y'all thinking my boy, but I don't wear no romper, man. Check this out. This is a pair of shorts right here. Now, this. This is the shirt that matches the shorts. You see what I'm saying? I don't wear no romper sh*t man. What the f*ck? Y'all think I'm finna put on some sh*t that connect to my nuts? Man, you got me f*cked up, bruh."

From there, Young Dro made it clear that even if he decided to put on a romper, people would have to accept his choice of clothing. Dro said "And if I did put on a mothaf*ckin' onesie, b*tch, What the f*ck you gon' do about it? I'ma pull up. And I'ma pull that whole mothaf*cka down and get that head from your ho."