Troy Ave finally released his sensationally titled NuPac album this week, on the heels of news from the court that his nemesis Taxstone had his lawyer deliver a letter to the judge overseeing the Irving Plaza shooting case, and a subsequent freestyle going at Tax and Tax associate Casanova 2X. It turns out that after giving the album a listen, Troy may have totally gone Pac on the industry, with more references airing out his opposition having been unearthed.

One of the rappers Troy dedicated a few bars towards airing out, was Joe Budden, who on the track "Press Spray" gets name dropped and demeaned for supposedly turning his back on the Brooklyn rapper when his back was against the wall. “Man this s**t wack like a Budden track," Troy raps, before putting the Jersey rapper turned podcaster's dirty laundry out in the streets. "You a drug addict and a b*tch-beater/Rap podcaster and a d*ck-eater."

Last week Troy sprung a track on fans that brought listeners back to reminisce on the late Tupac, with shots thrown at former BSB member Hovain, Tax and company, over the beat of "I Ain't Mad At Cha." It appears as though the BSB boss has put his career into another gear, in much the way his mentor 50 Cent did after being shot, following the Christmas day shooting and legal obstacles that have followed him over the past several months.