Taxstone's lawyer Ken Montgomery wrote a letter to the judge of the podcaster's case, asking for him to be released from prison.

According to Bossip, Montgomery explained that Taxstone, born Darryl Campbell, isn't a flight risk and added that he has a good job. The lawyer also questioned why Troy Ave was given bail despite facing more serious charges in the case. Taxstone is currently facing charges of possession of a firearm as a convicted felon and having a gun that was the result of interstate commerce, while Troy Ave is facing an attempted murder charge.

While Taxstone was let off on $500,000 bail earlier in the case, the judge revoked the bail and he was sent back on more serious charges. The famed podcast host's lawyer claimed that he has yet to be charged with assault, murder or other serious offenses.

Montgomery stated in the court documents, “After several mistakes in his life, Mr. Campbell has made efforts to change his life around and seek redemption through his occupation as a podcaster and music and entertainment insider.”

Source: Bossip