2016 saw Seattle Seahawks player and singer Ciara getting married to Russell Wilson and making waves from the announcement of a baby on the way. The road didn't seem easy for them though as Ciara was going back-and-forth with Future, her ex who she has a child with. The issues got worse when photos and videos surfaced of her husband holding Future's son and playing the daddy role for baby Future. Although Wilson didn't publically speak on his wife's issues with her ex, Future and his music clearly affects Wilson. This was seen when the Seahawks suffered one of their worst losses of 2016 to the Carolina Panthers because the team's official DJ coincidentally played many Future songs during their warm-up.

Now, the Atlanta Falcons' official DJ-- Jay Envy told Complex Sports that is going to try and fit in as many Future records as he can get away with during an upcoming Falcons and Seahawks divisional playoff game. Jay Envy also created a "Future Mix for Russell" and even revealed a part of the playlist to fans via Instagram.

Source: complex.com