During an interview with Access Hollywood this week, Azealia Banks broke down in tears as she explained the frustration she's had to overcome in the face of overwhelming skepticism over the validity of her story.

"Every time something like this happens I'm always like being blamed for like wanting this kind of attention," Banks told Access Hollywood reporter, Alex Hudgens.  "Like who the f**k wants to tell somebody they got spat on? You know, that's humiliating. And I'm just like really, really humiliated."

Since coming forward with an accusation that Russell Crowe choked, spat at, and called her a n***er earlier this month, Banks' account has been challenged by everyone from representatives of the A-List movie star, to Banks' own associate that night, RZA. After telling TMZ that RZA watched as the alleged altercation took place, and refused to come to her defense, he gave his side of the story in an open letter.  RZA denied having witnessed Crowe call her the n-word, although he said Crowe did pick her up and "evict" her from his Beverly Hills Hotel party, before spitting at her.

For days Banks engaged followers on Facebook about the matter, wavering between whether or not she would press charges. At one point she claimed to have "receipts" and even seemed confident that footage would come out proving her claim. Authorities have since stated that they collected surveillance video from that night, but could not find a camera overlooking the area where the incident was alleged to have occurred.

Source: instagram.com