"I want you to enjoy your Summer," Ghostface Killah tells Action Bronson. "'Cause you know a lot of people don't make it through the Summer, bruh."

A few months back Ghostface spoke to VladTV regarding the vocal comparisons between him and Bronson. The Flushing, Queens emcee then went onto ESPN's SportsNation and took subtle jabs at the Wu-Tang Clan member, though he later stated that he never meant to disrespect the legendary artist as he is one of his idols. The tweets were later deleted, and Ghostface didn't take too kind to the backhanded gesture. "Who gives you the right to even mention my name out your motherf****** mouth," he tells Bronson in this clip. "You could never f*** with my pen, my n****...Your fans, those are my fans first."

In this video Ghostface tells the story of when the two first came into contact with one another, and how he "checked his a**" when he saw the ESPN clip. "You have to learn how to watch what you say. I guess you've never been taught that," he continues. "Don't let me hang you from a rope and gut you like a f****** pig, n****, and leave you out to dry, 'cause it'll get done."

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