While the Ebola virus scare was restricted to West Africa for a while, the US is now in borderline panic mode, as reports of the virus landing in major cities like Dallas, TX & Washington D.C. have spread. There is even a threat of the virus in Brooklyn, NY, where one teen who traveled to Africa with his family was recently hospitalized with Ebola-like symptoms.

Chris Brown decided to share his opinion on the spreading of the virus this morning via Twitter, saying he believes the Ebola epidemic is a form of population control, implying that it is a man-made virus deliberately produced and spread to limit the population of certain groups.

While many brushed off Brown's comment as a conspiracy theory not to be taken seriously, others have echoed similar sentiments when it comes to the virus. Before things got too out of hand, however, Brown tweeted "Let me shut my black a** up!" in an effort to downplay his previous statement.

See the tweets for yourself above. Do you agree with Brown or is his theory too far-fetched? Sound off below.

Source: Chris Brown's Twitter/ Instagram