NBA star Matt Barnes has cut a plea deal in his case in which he was accused of resisting arrest last month in California. What's even more fortunate for the Los Angeles Clippers small forward is that the prosecutors have dismissed the felony charge against him, as they feel that the case is nothing more than a petty misdemeanor.

In late July, it was reported that Barnes was arrested for an outstanding traffic warrant, which is a misdemeanor offense, but when approached by officers, Barnes allegedly resisted which added a felony charge into the mix. The incident took place after Barnes and his wife Gloria Govan left a Manhattan Beach, California restaurant.

Fortunately for Barnes, the district attorney didn't feel as if the arguments presented were enough to warrant a felony offense. Barnes ended up pleading no contest to interference with a police officer, which is a misdemeanor. He won't have to serve any jail time, but he has to complete 30 hours of community service, appear with a counselor for 13 sessions, and pay a $100 fine.

His charge for driving with a suspended license was also thrown out after Barnes was able to prove that his license was valid. He plead to driving without possession of a license and was placed on 12 months informal probation.