It was just three years ago when Rita Ora was discovered singing inside of a London night club by Roc Nation.  Now three years later she is putting the finishing touches on her debut Roc Nation album and her success in the music industry is clearly on the rise.  Jay-Z has been by her side along her journey, mentoring her and helping her develop as an artist the whole way.

Rita recently praised Jay-Z for his guidance during an interview with Billboard.  She spoke about the fact that Jay being a fellow artist himself, really helped him bond with her during her process of recording songs, and his influence helped her open up and find who she really wanted to be as a singer.  

"When I signed to Roc Nation, I was 18. At 18, I was basically singing anything and talking about something that I didn't really know. When we recorded a few songs... the good thing about having a musician who is also your boss, is having him say, 'Are you happy with it?'  I was like, 'I don't know.' Jay-Z taught me about patience and Roc Nation taught me how to find myself. i came back one day, and I swear, and I was like, 'You know what? We need to do something else. And we flipped it."