It's uncertain the exact figures that Birdman put up to retain Lil Wayne's recording rights, however rumors have been spreading that Wayne closed a deal with Cash Money records for a whopping $150 million.  It might not be quite that high, but Birdman, the number 1 stunna himself, said that "it's probably the biggest deal ever in urban music."

Here's what Birdman had to say to MTV News' Sway Calloway regarding Lil Wayne re-signing with Cash Money:

"He announced it last week that we extended our business together.  YMCMB start and stop with Wayne; it ain't no YMCMB without Wayne. The loyalty we have with each other, for each other, the loyalty and dedication for the team...the goal for us as a whole is to be the first billion-dollar music brand, because we never had that. Period. That's one of our goals. The move we just made was a big move to that, to make sure the pioneer of it, which is Wayne, to set the standards for it.  The type of situation we did never been done in urban music; it's probably the biggest deal ever in urban music.  I'm blessed to even do that - whatever my son want, he can get. It's all his anyway, so it don't really matter to me. I live my life how I wanna; it's about him and them - my team."