Years and years have gone by and still no mega-fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao has happened.  Yesterday, (5/1) Mayweather was asked why he and Manny haven't been able to come to an agreement on what would certainly be the highest paying fight in boxing history. The question spurred Floyd to go into a long speech about the various reasons why he hasn't fought Manny yet.  The main reason that Floyd emphasized was his health.

Floyd strongly believes that Manny Pacquiao is using performance enhancing drugs, and therefore fighting him would be hazardous to his health in the years to come. Floyd is a very smart businessman, aside from being a very smart fighter and he understands that he can make millions now, but once his boxing career is over, his health is all he'll have left.  

"Health is more important than anything.  Because guess what? When my career is over, if I'm hurt because of something that has happened in a fight, I can't come to you and say, 'I need money.'  People say, 'We don't give a f*ck if he's taking or not; we just want to see the fight. We don't give a f*ck about your health and we don't give a f*ck about your family.'

It took me years to get to here — years.  I'm going up in weight but I'm not walking through no damn fighters. Pacquiao was 106; now he decides to walk through Miguel Cotto? Cotto can't knock down Shane Mosley, but can he?

Don King and Bob Arum don't see out the eyes of a fighter because they're not a fighter.  All they care about is some f*cking money. I care about a fighter's well being because I am a fighter.  I know how it is to have a broken rib the rest of your life. I know how it is to piss blood. You all don't know nothing about this.

I care about my family. I love my family. They're going to be there when no one else is there. When my career is over, you're all going to move on to the next one."