A woman by the name of Jamie Calloway was arrested for allegedly stalking a corrections officer whom she had gotten to know while in prison for a previous arrest. She may have gotten to know a prisoner tattoo artist as well, as the arrested woman bared a "God" tat on her dome piece.

The 33-year-old Ohio woman had seemingly become obsessed with a female correctional officer who works at the Montgomery county jail. Calloway has been apprehended in the past on charges such as obstruction, criminal damage, domestic violence, theft, aggravated menacing and drug possession.

This time she may have become a little too close with the officer. She allegedly slashed the woman's tires, called her at her house and sent her packages in the mail, according to a sheriff's office spokesperson. 

The "God" tat on her head and her mouth of metal teeth made her easily recognizable to law enforcement, according to the Daily Mail.

Source: huffingtonpost.com