People, especially celebrities, must be ware of the things they post up on Twitter these days.  One wrong word, and the whole world will jump on what you said in a split second with either a positive or negative reaction.  In Bow Wow's case, he made a suspect tweet on November 6th, 2010, that hinted to the many people who saw what he wrote, to mean that he was thinking suicidal thoughts.  

Bow Wow tweeted:

"I swear I be wishing I was dead sometimes.  Because I feel like that's the only way I'll get peace."

His loyal fans, friends, and family members became quickly worried about him, however Bow Wow recently cleared the air regarding that past event, saying that people take his tweets too seriously, too often.  

"My mind state was regular. It's like that text message that you get where you don't know if a friend is yelling at you or not yelling at you. That's what that was. I just woke up and everybody kept calling my phone. It was a comedic way of saying, I guess people took it the wrong way I was like 'When I die,' but when I typed it people thought I was really depressed, like I was gon' kill myself. I was like 'Nah, nah, nah!' I can't even jump on Twitter and be like 'I'ma die.' Like if I'm watching Friday, and I could tweet 'I'm dying laughing right now' and it'd be like 'Bow Wow's dying, Bow Wow's dead!' It's just like the world of Twitter, ain't nobody gotta worry about me, I'm good. My head is on straight."