During a recent interview with 99.1 KGGI's "Voice of the I.E.", Kendrick voiced his opinion on Kim Kardashian.  When asked if he would hook up with Kim Kardashian if given the chance, Kendrick quickly answered with a resounding "no". 

Kendrick was also asked about a load of other topics, including his teenage years battle rapping at school, but his comments about Kim Kardashian really stuck out.

"Nah, that's worn out.  Kim K? Nah. I don't wanna go behind that. Kanye, he havin' fun with it that," said Kendrick.

Kendrick also stated that he thinks the whole Kim and Kanye relationship is all for publicity.

Do you think Kanye will respond to Kendrick's comments with a "Theraflu"/"Way Too Cold" song as well?

**Kendrick makes his Kim Kardashian comments at 4:20 of the interview.