College athletes hoping to hear their name called by the commissioner of a professional sports league is one of the highlights of their lives. But what happened to draft prospect and Rutgers wide receiver Mohamed Sanu's was something out of the ordinary.

As he was at his own draft party, the Cincinnati Bengals were on the clock with the no. 27 pick when the wide receiver received a phone call stating he was drafted by the organization. The party erupted with excitement only to learn that the phone call was a prank after the team picked another athlete.

Sanu's agent, Michael McCartney took to Twitter to announce that his client had been drafted but had to quickly tweet "Very cruel prank call to a Sanu tonight - very sad that someone would do that. My apologies to the twitter world for my tweet."

"Tough night. We all get knocked down in life and we gotta get back up. I believe in Mohamed Sanu as a player and person!"

Sanu remained unnerved, though, as he even took to his Twitter account and said "Thank God for giving me another day and another opportunity to chase my dream ... #thankfulandblessed".

The Rutgers wide receiver is expected to be drafted for real, by an actual NFL team in the 2nd round of the draft.