Dr. Dre is a role model for everyone around him, and not just for his business success, but also for his work ethic regarding everyday life.  In Dre's video I Need a Doctor featuring Eminem, Dre appeared on screen showing the results of his dedicated workout schedule.  He's remodeled his body and remained ripped and buff for a while now, and his friend Warren G, who's often been known for having a stocky, hefty figure, has recently taken up Dre's workout.

Dre has Warren G on a strict workout plan consisting of running and boxing along with an even stricter diet to help him keep his weight down.  Warren is on the fast track to maintaining a slimmer more healthy figure, thanks to help from Dr. Dre.  Here's what Warren G had to say about the workout Dre has him doing:

"A lot of people in my family have high blood pressure...Dre told me I better start hitting the gym so I took his advice.  Seeing Dre looking all cut up and in shape made me want to get myself together and look right, too."

Source: xxlmag.com