The recent pictures taken inside of Nadya "Octomom" Suleman's house stunned the masses who saw them, for they depict very sad living conditions for her 14 children.  The pictures were taken when she paid $520 to have her hairdresser, Stephanie, come by her house and give her a nice cut.  One picture showed that "Octomom" locked her children inside of the bedroom using a chair so she could get her hair cut, and another showed the children using outdoor toilets behind the house because the plumbing inside of their house doesn't work.

The other pictures depicted some very slovenly living conditions.

Octomom was very curious as to how those pictures reached the media, and it turns out she was set up by her hairstylist, Stephanie.  Apparently Stephanie alerted the media to the pictures and set up a deal with them that included her being paid a hefty five figure sum to hand the pictures over.  Stephanie then alerted authorities to the existence of the substandard living conditions, which caused Orange County's Child and Family Services to visit Octomom's house.

Here's what a source close to the situation had to say about the Octomom setup:

"Stephanie cashed in on the entire scenario.  She called the media and made a deal with them before she even went to the police!  She cut a really good deal and was in constant contact with the outlet that bought her stuff for the whole 48 hours leading up to the release of the story.  Nadya should have been more aware, but Stephanie got her. She insisted on going over to that house to do Nadya's hair probably knowing that she'd be able to get a story from it."

Now that's grimy.