The website that George Zimmerman created in order to receive donations to help pay for his defense in the trial of Trayvon Martin's death has managed to bring in over $200,000. And, it looks like he'll be able to hold on that money for the time being, Judge Lester announced.

Zimmerman had a hearing last week in which he posted bond on a $150,000 bail, but did not disclose the donations made through the website his attorney, Mark O'Mara stated.

Assistant State Attorney Bernie de la Rionda requested that Judge Lester increase bail higher than $150,000, but the request was delayed with Lester unsure if he had the authority to fulfill it. "I'm not going to make a snap decision", said Lester, who was also cautious about revealing the identities of the site's donors.

It was reported that Zimmerman spent some of that donation money on living expenses but still has a large amount of cash left. His attorney stated that Zimmerman put the money into a trust fund under his supervision until he's told the extent in which he can use it.

Up until this point, attorney Mark O'Mara was unaware of the money his client had in his possession. He didn't find out until Zimmerman asked what he should do about his Paypal accounts.

"He asked me what to do with his PayPal accounts, and I asked him what he was talking about," O'Mara told CNN's Anderson Cooper. "He said those were the accounts that had the money from the website he had. And there was about ... $204,000 that had come in to date."

It remains unclear if Zimmerman will be allowed to spend part or all of the money.

Zimmerman recently released on bail.