Jason Cruger, an African American student studying at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, is rallying for other African Americans to support Mitt Romney in the upcoming Presidential election. Cruger launched his "African Americans For Mitt Romney" Facebook page in January and his goal is to recruit a vast number of African Americans to support the Republican party.  

Jason strongly believes that the Republicans have a lot to offer the black community, and he believes supporting them will benefit America's future in general.  

"Mitt Romney will create many new jobs for African-Americans. He has laid out a plan to get the economy moving, lower unemployment and make sure that promises made by a functional government are promises kept.  I think more people of my race should be Republican because I believe the Republican Party has been looking out for Black people a whole lot."

Who knows if Cruger's proposals to support Mitt Romney and the Republican party will be heard by the black community for the 2012 election?  The black community is going to be a strong determining factor in who wins the upcoming election, so this should be interesting.