New York Knicks point guard Baron Davis has been an integral part of getting the team into this year's post-season. And while they face a tough adversary in the Miami Heat during the first round, Davis remains optimistic, even comparing this Knicks team to the '06-'07 "We Believe" Golden State Warriors squad of which he was a part.

"The thing we had with the Warriors going against Dallas is we knew we could win that series. And we won it. The confidence was there. We share the same type of energy here with the Knicks, knowing that nobody is counting us in it to win it but what we believe in ourselves in the ability to stop people down the stretch.''

If you recall, the Warriors came into that year's playoffs as the no. 8 seed and faced the Dallas Mavericks who were seeded in the no. 1 spot. There was a theme known as "We Believe" throughout the series and the Warriors ultimately won that series.

Davis notes that his team is much better now than when the season first began and feels their rejuvenated style of play can take them to victory.

"We set out with a goal at the beginning of the year and it was to be a championship-caliber team, make the playoffs and play towards a championship. And through all the bumps and bruises we had all having a new coach, we're still a very good team. We're a better team than when we started the season. We have camaraderie that is unbelievable.''

The Knicks begin their first round series against the Heat this Saturday, April 28th.