Well folks, the NBA regular season is over, and some teams are going home while others are preparing for the playoffs. Usually, going home after the season is a bad thing because it means your team didn't make the playoffs, but for the Charlotte Bobcats, going home must be a relief, as the team can now take a break from losing.

The Charlotte Bobcats solidified their name in the record books Thursday night (April 26) after a 104-84 loss to the New York Knicks' B and C team. The Bobcats' losing streak continued to a record high 23 games and finished them with the worst winning percentage in NBA history at (.106). They beat out the 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers, who went 9-73 (.110).

The Bobcats are owned by the man many regard as the greatest player to ever play in the NBA; Michael Jordan. Jordan is usually associated with greatness, but that's certainly not the case this time. As a player, everything came easy for him, but as an owner Jordan has had his difficulties. He is responsible for drafting bust players Adam Morrison and Kwame Brown and firing Larry Brown. Jordan obviously has work to do because it has to eat him alive that he owns a team that has none of the characteristics that he possesses. The new record is undoubtedly not one Jordan is proud to have his name associated with.

Head coach Paul Silas had this to say,

"The season itself was a long haul for all of us – upstairs and downstairs," said coach Paul Silas, who might have coached his last NBA game. His contract expires after this season. "Being the worst team in the history of the game is not something you cherish."

If the Bobcats' intention was to tank the season as a way to align themselves to earn the first pick in the draft, this was an example of when tanking a season goes too far. Also, their historic record may have been in vain as they may not even receive the first pick in the 2012 draft. Only two teams that finished the season with the worse records actually got the first pick, the 2003 Cleveland Cavaliers and the 2004 Orlando Magic.

Well, things have to get worse before they can get better. Hopefully the Charlotte Bobcats have experienced their worst and can now move in the direction of better.

Source: bossip.com