Nas seems to have had a rough relationship with his daughter Destiny.  Being a famous rapper who's traveling often and not around on a daily basis has surely made it difficult to raise his daughter properly, and Nas expresses this fact in his new song "Daughters".

In the song, he speaks on all sorts of things involving his relationship with his daughter and how she had to grow up faster since she had Nas as a father.  Despite the fact that Nas is dropping truth in the song, his ex-girl, Carmen Bryan, Destiny's mother, is highly upset over the song.

She expressed her disapproval of the track on Twitter and ended up engaging in various verbal back and forths with Nas' fans.  According to Carmen, the song will hurt Destiny when she hears it, because it is not saying anything positive about her, and it is exposing a lot of personal matters.  Carmen feels as though Nas should have let his daughter hear the song before he released it to the public, to allow her the chance to give her opinion on the content of the song.

Check out Carmen's angry motherly tweets here.