After returning to Twitter and explaining several times her reasons for initially leaving, rap star Nicki Minaj now has a new issue to discuss: the lyrical content of her music. She recently spoke on her rap receiving a certain type of response due to the rather harsh lyrics, questioning why no other artists have been asked to tone it down, so to speak.

"If you asked any adult, 'Would you like your children knowing every part of your life and speaking exactly the way you speak when you talk to adults?' they'd say no, so I'm a firm believer in children remaining children. Why do people ask me to lose swear words? Do people ask Eminem to lose swear words? Do they ask Lil Wayne to lose swear words? Nobody stops them and says 'Would you stop swearing... for the children, please?'"

This isn't the first time the Young Money artist has addressed this topic, as a similar situation came about when fellow female rapper Lil Mama expressed her opinion of Nicki's lyrical content.

"Nicki Minaj is a talented rapper. She's out there, she's doing her. What she represents, I don't represent and she's doing something different, that's her lane. As the voice of the young people, Lil Mama, I focus on bringing up young girls to respect their bodies, respect theyself, do it up."

Nicki seems to be standing by her decision and refuses to change her style of lyricism.