DMX's relationship with his wife, Tashera Simmons, is being played out on Vh1's "Couples Therapy," and rumors swirling about him hooking up with his ex, Yadira Borrego, on the side is not making the situation better.

A rep for DMX cleared up any rumors that some are choosing to believe, saying "DMX is not dating Yadira Borrego. The two do have children together, but have not had a romantic relationship in several years."

He added, "Earl was not on the phone with her during filming of 'Couples Therapy' and all of his emotions regarding Tashera were sincere. It's unfortunate that Yadira would use a visit with Earl and his children for her own personal exposure."

DMX has put his life out into the open on the show, admitting that his strained relationship with his mother during his childhood has caused him pain in his adult years. However, it seems that he's getting the help he needs during the therapy.