During a recent conference call between Floyd Mayweather Jr. on Larry Brown Sports, news was revealed that 50 Cent is looking to become far more involved in the boxing realm, aside from just supporting his good friend Floyd Mayweather.  He's apparently looking to get involved in the promotional aspect of the sport, since he is already an extremely successful businessman who has found success in many different fields aside from making music.

One really interesting note, was that 50 might also try his hand at having a legitimate professional fight!  

It's public knowledge that 50 Cent began boxing at 11 years old, and he also competed in the Junior Olympics at one point, but never had an official professional bout.  

Seeing 50 Cent in the ring would be awesome.  Maybe he and Kimbo Slice will get a chance to throw on the gloves and throw hands in the future, if 50 does decide to actually fight.

That would be an instant hit with the fans that's guaranteed to sell loads of tickets.

Sourece: Prefixmag.com