A 3-14 start for any baseball team is no way to start a season. It upsets the players, managers, front office, and especially the fans.  But for one fan of the currently struggling Kansas City Royals, his way of coping may be the most peaceful.

After the list of the Royals Superfan/blogger Rany Jazayerli finally crying uncle after 20 seasons of "Our Time" baseball, comes the Royals Book Guy.

He sits behind home plate and reads his book during the game.  He was caught in a photo with the book right in front of his face during the Royals game against Toronto Monday night.  His seat went from a $240 front row seat to a $240 library seat.

With the Yanks and Red Sox coming to town in the upcoming week, Royals fans may want iPods, magazines, netbook, iPads, anything to keep them busy from the losing baseball that is The Kansas City Royals.