The executive director of the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), Billy Hunter, has recently taken steps towards getting NBPA  president, Derek Fisher, to resign from his position.  He has sent in a memo to the player representatives of the NBPA last Tuesday night (4/17) that sheds a very negative light on Derek Fisher's leadership after the NBA lockout ended.  

The memo describes Fisher being negligent of his responsibilities, saying that he has been absent in executive committee conference calls, neglected to make necessary appearances on behalf of the union, and has deliberately chosen not to cooperate with Billy Hunter since January.

The tension between Fisher and the committee became heightened last week when Fisher refused to partake in a conference call with committee members.  Instead, Fisher apparently organized a separate conference call at the exact same time as the one he refused to partake in was going on.  He held his conference call with a law firm and tried to convince other committee members to join his conference call instead of the one Billy Hunter was involved in.  

Fisher was voted against 8-0 to resign by the committee after hearing Hunter's complaints about his behavior with the conference call and past events, but Fisher has refused to do so.  Fisher has claimed "nepotism" against Hunter which means that he shows favoritism towards family members involved in his business.  There have been numerous stories written about Hunter hiring law firms that have his family members employed and that he has also employed his family members in the NBPA, so Hunter's leadership is in question as well.