He sings, he raps, he dances, Chris Brown is a jack of all trades. The R&B star is adding something else to his resume according to his mom, Joyce Hawkins. Momma Breezy revealed to Twitter that Chris has a new website catering to dog selling.

The website www.cbbreeds.webs.com sells baby pit bulls born to Brown's dogs that he keeps at his home in VA. 

The singer's rep, Maureen O'Connor says that Chris just wants to ensure that the pups "go to good homes."

Currently their are 8 puppies listed for sale on the site, four females (Princess, Precious, Pretty and Beauty) and four males (Fortune, Music, Jett and Freedom).

The adorable puppies are selling at $1000 each, and the website guarantees their health, shots and registration.

Maybe this is another business move for Chris Breezy or just another tactic to continue to replenish the singers public image, or perhaps Chris really just wants his dogs offspring in good homes.

What do you think? Will you buy a Chris Brown baby pit?

Source: inflexwetrust.com