Despite Waka Flocka shouting out Wiz Khalifa's name to DJ Kay Slay for having no swag, Wiz Khalifa hasn't let that little incident affect him in any way.  He has stayed positive and avoided getting brought into any sort of potential rap beef that could have come from this.  He recently spoke to Hot 97 about how he feels about the Waka Flocka situation:

"I don't say anything directly to anybody. I could go out and say I never intentionally sent any ill will his way. I don't believe in rap beefing. I don't believe in the competitiveness of rapping against each other. I would never entertain anything. He don't really seem like he into it too much either. ... I get so much that one day it might just come out, but not yet though. It would happen if I went completely insane and just forgot about everything that I've worked for and trying to achieve. When my bank account get low and I'm not smoking as much..."

Waka Flocka also spoke out about his comment and any perceived tensions that people thought were bubbling up with Wiz Khalifa.  Even though Waka did clearly say Wiz's name in regards to him having a lack of "swag", he has let go of any ill thoughts he may have harbored for Wiz at one point.  According to what Waka told Angie Martinez on Hot 97, the perceived "beef" is dead.

"I don't know, that's deaded, it's deaded, I ain't bothering nobody.  I voiced my opinion because it's true and it's facts. I ain't bothering nobody, whatchu mean? I don't know. I don't know what's going on -- that's like me rapping gangster, I get on top and I start rapping about cookies and cream and lollipops. Whatchu gonna call me? Nice guy or a sucker? Aight then. I got this album about to drop, June 12th. That's a nice guy, he makes good music. I got cousins like his music. Eh, that's it. We're two nice guys with good music. I'm always nice."