A $6,500 bail freed a Florida man after he was arrested last Thursday for allegedly "stealing" a $1 cup of soda at McDonald's.

52-year-old Mark Abaire asked the staff at the Naples McDonald's restaurant for a courtesy cup for water, but instead filled the cup with water and staid outside the restaurant.

Abaire refused to pay for the soda and refused to leave the store as he cursed at the manager.

Abaire has a long list of prior arrests and aliases according to the Collier County Sheriff's Department, which now include petty theft, trespassing and disorderly intoxication after Thursday's arrest.  

Abaire could face up to five years after his petty theft charge was upgraded from misdemeanor to a felony because of his priors.

Moral of the story: keep the cup honest.  Especially if you have priors.

Source: news.yahoo.com