What is done in the seeming lydark always comes out in the apparent light. Micheal Bullerdick has been terminated as the managing editor of Essence Magazine after it was discovered that he had racially offensive content on his Facebook page. Bullerdick was brought under fire after the website, Journalis-isms, sent a screenshot of his Facebook page to Essence head editor, Constance White.

On the page, Bullerdick touted videos of the late Andrew Breitbart, who was a notorious right winger that attacked Attorney General Eric Holder and is largely responsible for getting former USDA Official, Shirley Sherrod, fired. Holder and Sherrod both happen to be black. Bullerdick was not done there as he went on depicting Civil Rights leader Al Sharpton as being a "Race Pimp" and even referred to President Obama as being a "radical."

Bullerdick, who is a Caucasian male, was hired at Essence Magazine last summer, but his hire was not a popular one as many Essence supporters could not fathom the idea of all editorial responsibilities being managed by a person that could not directly identify with them. Essence Magazine was once thought to be the voice of African American women across the country, and was viewed as a influential staple in the black community.

Of course, everyone is entitled to their own particular political affiliations and views. However, Bullerdick's perspectives and attitudes overtly conflicted with the very demographic and target audience for which he was serving or had the title of serving, for that matter.

Source: newsone.com