Dania Londano Suarez has been identified as the sex worker centered in the prostitution scandal involving the U.S. Secret Service. After numerous images of her surfaced all over the net, the 24-year-old and a friend of hers have gone into hiding, says her lawyer Marlon Betancourt.

"They are outside the city but I can't tell you where they are," he said. "She is annoyed. She didn't want that photo to be published but she is prepared to collaborate with the authorities to clear up the situation."

Suarez, who is a single mom with a 9-year-old son, ignited the scandal after she claims she wasn't paid $800 from one of the 11 agents. A total of 23 escorts were brought back to the agents' hotel rooms. Apparently, President Obama's schedule was sitting in plain sight, where it could have been viewed by the women.

Two of the agents, David Chaney and Grey Stokes, have been relieved of duty. Chaney was forced to retire and Stokes was ultimately fired.

No other penalties have been rendered thus far.

Source: hiphopwired.com