No, this isn't a scene out of an upcoming sequel to The Hangover franchise, this really happened.  Three friends broke into Sea World Australia while intoxicated and proceeded to swim with the dolphins. Then, they stole a little penguin.  

The three friends passed out in one of the their apartments, and literally woke up hungover to find the little penguin standing in their living room.  One of the friends panicked and took the penguin, named Dirk, to a nearby canal and left it there to be free.  Little did he know, the waterway was infested with sharks!

The penguin was later found by a couple after it had been chased out of the water by a shark, and then chased by a dog!

The three men put up video of them interacting with the penguin in their apartment, hoping to demonstrate that what they did was a prank that went too far, but they never wanted to actually harm the little bird.

The men are facing charges for trespassing, stealing and unlawfully keeping a protected animal.