In the early 2000's, Harlem's Dipset soldier Cam'ron set a nationwide fashion trend with his bold decision to wear all different varieties of pink colored clothes.  He would not only be seen with a simple pink T-shirt, but Cam would go about his day, and film his music videos wearing pink from head to toe.  

Pink shirts, pink boots, pink jackets, pink hats, and even his famous pink Range Rover.  Nicki Minaj recently told Tim Westwood that she has absolute respect for Cam and his fearless fashion choices back in the early 2000's.  According to Nicki, it was Cam'ron's "pink movement" that influenced her to love pink as much as she does now.

"First dude, first dude to wear pink and drive a pink Range Rover and wear pink coats and all that and make it pop. Pink bandanas and all that.  He paved the way for me to wear pink. Wow. Wow. Wow. We gotta bow down to Cam. D*mn, son."