In a recent interview with MTV2's Sucker Free, Grand Hustle's Iggy Azalea explained that Tupac's "Baby Don't Cry" sparked a fuse in her head to go after the rap game.

"We would go to their house because their parents were the coolest parents [who] let you do whatever you wanted," Iggy said in the Sucker Free interview about hanging out with some older local boys.

"They played a Tupac song, 'Baby Don't Cry' from the Outlawz. I just love that song. I don't know what it was. It made me go home and type it in and nothing could ever make me do that before. And then that was when I knew I liked rap. I knew I loved rap music, I knew I loved to sing along to the words. It takes a while before you have the guts to put yourself in their shoes and think this is something I could actually do."

In February, the Grand Hustle rookie performed a Pac style record and performed a new song called "Picture Me Rollin'" during her 45-minute set in Hollywood.