Lil Wayne has always had that skateboarder-type personality, which he has demonstrated more in the past few months than ever before. Now, Wayne says what was once just a hobby has become so much more.

The Young Money general says that skateboarding makes him more of a complete person.

"Skating has become one of my pure passions, I believe I've found myself," Weezy said. "Let me give it to you this way, I needed something more. When I picked up that deck, I was like I want to skate, I want a ramp on my roof now."

It was just last month that Weezy guaranteed that by next year, he would be the best skateboarder alive, which is quite the claim. "I promise you, this day, next year, I will be not ten times better, not a hundred times better, not a million times better, but the best".

No telling if skateboarding is now more important than music in Wayne's life, but he certainly sounds like he's dedicated to perfecting his skater craft. We'll see if he cashes in.