Shots fired!

For some reason, Cam'ron felt the need to take shots at Kim Kardashian, and thus at Kanye West as well.  Kim recently tweeted a picture of her and her boo Kanye wearing matching Jordan sneakers, while Cam'ron took the time out to post up a pretty explicit pic of Kim doing some...well we can't say it here, but she was doing some explicit things.

He also called Kim a "h*e" in his Twitter post to go along with the picture.  This is what Cam said:

"Kim K is ill, smh wit da same mouth kiss da Kidz.  I guess da h*es are wining lol"

He laughed off any public disapproval of his posted comment by stating the fact that the picture of Kim doing what she was doing has in fact been viewable to the public for years, but it still seems like a random shot fired.

Since Kanye is in a seemingly serious relationship with Kim, lets see if he'll shoot any "Theraflu" in Cam'ron's direction after having his girl called a h*e.