Having one of the more famous last names today, Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles said in a recent New York Times interview that she will never work with Bey on any projects.

"I'm so proud of her success," she said.  "... but I could not do that.  It's given me a pretty clear blueprint of what I don't want to happen."

That blueprint she describes is summed up by a recent event where both sisters had lunch at Walter Foods, and attracted a lot of attention as just about everyone stared and reached for their camera phones.

Beyonce even took to the Times to reply, "I've been trying to talk her into going to Brooklyn for six years.  It's so close to her personality.  She's such a fashionista --- she'll get used to it."

"My sister will not record with me," Bey added.  "She's her own woman."

Source: globalgrind.com