Even though the general public has become more tolerant towards the usage of weed, it seems as though getting caught smoking it is still a bad look for a beautiful celebrity such as Rihanna.  She was photographed smoking a joint at the Coachella festival last week, which inspired MTV News to comment negatively about her drug usage.  Rihanna has since responded to their tweet about her smoking with a very defensive tweet of her own.

"@MTV Yikes....@rihanna ran out of f*cks to give," the young singer tweeted.  

She has since gone on to speak about her choice to occasionally enjoy a joint or two. In an interview with Mondanite magazine, Rihanna clarified that she is not going to become the subject of one of those tragic "E! True Hollywood Stories," and that her "drug problem" isn't even a problem at all.  She actually credits her best friend Melissa, who is often seen beside Rihanna, for keeping her grounded and in touch with reality when the pressure of the fame business starts to rise. 

Here's what Rihanna told Mondanite magazine:

"That will never happen to me. I refuse to crack under pressure – in fact I thrive on it. So when I read about Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse who have suffered under it, it's sad. It is easy to criticize them but it happens. You just have to stay focused and keep your feet on the ground. Staying down to earth in this industry in general is really not easy, but I am strong and when I feel lost or depressed on the road, I call my best friend Melissa. When I see people turning to drugs and alcohol, then that's when I call Melissa. She helps me get through things."

Source: theurbandaily.com