The first photos have surfaced of the 24-year-old Colombian call girl whose encounter with a stingy Secret Service agent ignited the agency's worst sex scandal.

The woman, only known as "Dania," was brushed off by a Secret Service agent and given only $28 in cab fare after their steamy encounter. This infuriated the mother of one, who demanded full payment for her services.

When she didn't get her money, she got the police involved and word of the tryst reached the U.S. Embassy. This sparked an investigation of eleven Service agents and nine military servicemen who reportedly hired 20 or 21 hookers in Cartagena last week.

Three agents were busted in the investigation, including two senior supervisors, which lead to one quitting, one retiring and the other getting fired.

Check out the pics to see if it was worth it:

Source: NY Daily News