Despite the Knicks being the No. 7 seed after a turbulent season, and having a 15-5 record under the coaching of Mike Woodson ever since D'Antoni stepped down, Charles Barkley still isn't impressed.  On the contrary, Barkley seems to have nothing but negative things to say about the Knicks team as a whole, aside from complimenting Carmelo Anthony as being "the best offensive player in the NBA." 

Here's what Charles Barkley had to say about the Knicks' current success:

"The Knicks still stink, dude. They're not going anywhere in the playoffs, they're gonna be one-and-done. ... I don't dislike the Knicks. But they just don't have a good team. I just told you, they're the No. 7 seed. You guys act like they're the No. 1 or 2 seed!  The reason the Knicks are playing well, that's because they are well-rested.  Because they quit on Mike D'Antoni, so they've got a lot more energy."

Maybe the Knicks can make a serious statement come round 1 of the playoffs and defeat whichever team is matched up against them.  Maybe that will widen Charles' eyes and make him have a change of heart about New York's balling unit.