First, Raz B made allegations that he and his former B2K band mates were sexually molested by former manager Chris Stokes, then he got into a well publicized Twitter feud with Chris Brown.

Now Raz B has hit up Twitter to air out his new beef with his old B2K pals. J-Boog, Omarion and Lil Fizz were recently pictured in the studio possibly cooking up some new music, hinting at a B2K reunion minus Raz B.

The estranged Raz B took exception to that and had this to say in a series of tweets:

"Haven't heard nothing from them b**** ass n***** and y'all know who I'm talking about! molesting little kids b**** (April 18)

"Thank God I know God if not Somebody would have killed your ass along time ago! Real talk b****!!! Your still living cause me!!! (April 18)

"Like @chrisbrown said I'm not afraid to speak my mind!!!!" (April 18)

"I'm good going to sleep!!! I just felt some s***!!!! Or should I be fake and hold it inn.... Y'all family I keep it 100 with yall." (April 18)

What do you guys think? Is B2K wrong for not including Raz B in a reunion? Do you think someone from the group will respond?