Royce Reed was left feeling a little salty after she put her boyfriend, Dez Brisco's baby moms in her place after she claims Dez was texting her while he was with Royce, only to find out it was all true. Christina Nero, Brisco's child's mother, even had text messages to back up her claims, but Royce flat out told her she was lying.

Dezmon took to his Twitter late Wednesday night to clear up the mess by admitting that he in fact sent the "freaky texts" to Nero, because he "wanted to be on her good side." He also claims that he didn't sleep with his ex while he was with Royce, making the situation all the more confusing for Royce to figure out.

At the end of their Twitter conversation Royce said "Yes I feel stupid! Yes i feel betrayed! Yes I love Dez Brisco, but at this point I love myself more! I honestly don't know what imma do!" To which Dezmon responded with, "Do what's best for you...Point blank.."

Do you think this is the end of the road for the couple?