Veteran Sacramento rapper C-Bo had some rather harsh words for Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg after they used a hologram image of Tupac during their Coachella Music & Arts Festival performance.  C-Bo is not a rapper who edits Pac's verses into his songs.  He actually recorded two tracks with Pac back in the 1990's, and he knew the late rapping legend for years. Snoop and Dre have been receiving varying feedback after their hologram Pac performance, and C-Bo's critique lands far on the negative side.  

Here's what C-Bo had to say about Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg using Tupac's hologram during Coachella:

"These n*ggas is like vultures, man. Parasites. They trying to suck blood from a corpse.  Tupac wasn't even f*ckin' with fake, phony-as* n*ggas. 'Pac was a real n*gga, man. And these n*ggas all coming out trying to use old verses and all this sh*t, man, I just think that's some way out sh*t. I ain't got no respect for a n*ggas like that."

C-Bo may have to get used to holograms being used to bring back deceased musical legends, because even though people may not have been comfortable with the Tupac hologram on an ethical level, it was a brilliant performance from a technological standpoint.