The Twitter battleground has reached epic proportions recently between Royce Reed and her NFL boyfriend Dezmon Briscoe's baby mama Christina Nero.  The volcano erupted between the two love struck women when Christina heard that Royce was talking smack about her on Twitter.  

Christina was quick to respond on Twitter by saying that Royce's current boyfriend Dez, has been sending Christina "freaky texts".  Royce laughed off her claim which only further infuriated Christina and motivated her to post up a bundle of text messages between some contact with the name of Dezmon and herself.  

In the text messages, Christina asks Dezmon about Royce, and Dez manages to dodge the question by talking sexual to her.  He also goes on to say that he's happy he had a child with her and continued to say all types of sex related comments to Christina.  

Royce believed that Christina had one of her friend's alter their contact name to Dezmon and text her that stuff.  Royce also believes that Christina found a way to change the contact number, date, and time, to make it appear as though Dezmon actually sent her the messages.  

Royce questioned Dez about whether he ever cheated on her with Christina and Dez responded with a firm no.  Royce obviously believed him to be telling the truth since she posted up pics of her and Dez happy together, as final shot to Christina to back off.