Fabrice Morvan, formerly of the once popular group Milli Vanilli, recently spoke out about the usage of auto-tune and other types of voice-altering technology which a lot of artists use nowadays. He says what current singers do today is no different from what he and Rob Pilatus did years ago.

"There is no difference between what I did back then and what people are doing now. If you wanna break it down, people might say, 'Well you didn't sing' ... but the fact of the matter is ... now the machines are doing it. I ain't pointing the finger, but if you're doing all this and you're not performing the song live ... then you're not doing anything different from what I did."

In the 1990's, the group captivated the hearts of many fans and went on to sell millions of records and win numerous awards. Soon after they won the Best New Artist award, however, their secret was revealed to the world that neither of the two actually sang their songs. 

They were stripped of their awards and humiliated worldwide as a result.

Is technology such as auto-tune a bad thing in today's music industry?

Source: newsone.com