It seems as though the very moment Iggy Azalea was accepted into the mainstream spot light, a variety of people have been trying to take her success away from her.  She recently opened up in an interview about how she felt landing a spot on the XXL Freshman cover, and then being hit with all sorts of negative comments from various female artists.

She compared her XXL Freshman cover moment as being her "Taylor Swift/Kanye West" episode because people instantly began hating on her, which took away the positivity of the accomplishment for her.  Iggy also spoke about the animosity she's been getting from female artists, but says she won't let it deter her from being successful.

Here's exacly what Iggy had to say:

"It was frustrating because I felt like that was supposed to be a poignant moment for me and it got taken away. I kind of felt like Taylor Swift and Kanye West and I was Taylor Swift. I felt like this is supposed to be my moment, this is my great achievement, it's great for me and it's great for my country, it's great for women, and I felt like it got stolen from me in a sense. It was supposed to be a happy day and it got twisted around, and it disappointed me, and annoyed me because I had been anticipating that cover coming out as a celebration, and it really turned into the opposite. It was just mudslinging, and I felt disappointed by the whole thing. But I'll have other moments, and they will be mine. I'll make sure of it.

"I mean at the end of the day, if an artist dislikes me, I don't mind because the artists aren't fans. An artist isn't going to buy 100 records, or even by a ticket to my show, so it's not something that annoys me so much. Fans will like what they want. Me disliking someone, or them disliking me, it doesn't stop a fan from liking what they're gonna like. That's just how it is. You other female rappers don't stop the checks, you don't create the checks. I currently do that for me. If you're going to be mad, be mad with the checks.