"Basketball Wives" and even HBO's "Hard Knocks" won't come close to this show - that is if it were ever produced.

It was reported last weekend that New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie recently had his second child with his wife, his 10th overall.  (For those counting at home, the 10 kids matches his interception total from 2007 and from the last three seasons.)  For a quick recap, Hard Knocks had a clip of him in 2010 trying to name his (at the time) nine children.  

Cromartie, however, doesn't want his children exploited on reality TV, so he blocked the production of a reality show which would feature his very large family, even though the mothers kind of need the extra money.

Cro's contract with the Jets is worth more than $30 million, and he gives each of the women $3,500 a month for child support.

The 28-year-old corner has kids living in New Jersey, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas and California. 

Source: thepostgame.com