Mystikal has only been a free man for a few months, and he's already on his way back to the cell block.  After serving a long six year bid for sexual battery and extortion charges, the 41 year old Mystikal is heading back to jail.  This time, he's being locked up for a misdemeanor domestic abuse battery charge. 

Due to Mystikal's extortion conviction, he is currently on probation for five years, and his domestic abuse battery arrest, which occurred this past February, violated the terms of his probation which are pretty clear: stay arrest and conviction free for five years.  

After being arrested in February, Mystikal was locked up for nine days before he was released.  Although judge Tony Marabella has hit Mystikal, legally known as Michael Tyler, with a 90 day jail sentence, he is crediting Mystikal with the nine days he spent locked up after being arrested.  So, it looks like Mystikal won't have to do the full three months, but rather 81 days, which is still a big chunk of time that he can't get back.

Let's all hope he can stay off the legal radar once he completes his 90 day jail term.  Mystikal is set to begin his 90 days on May 14th.